The simple 5 step guide to ensuring your success!

1. Desire

Everything in life has to start with a thought, it’s not possible to achieve anything without this first and most fundamental step. You wanted to learn more about success so your thought lead to a Google search and the forces of the universe bring you to this page! You are sitting on a couch and the thought of a friend’s catch-up occurs to you, off you go planning a catch-up. Without thought, there is no real chance of getting anything. So, but wait, are we not all having thoughts about success, money, fame and growing our careers? Why don’t we all make it if it’s only about a thought? Glad you asked. Thought is one half of the relationship and the will-power, desire or belief in the thought is the other half, how strong is that desire to achieve or make the thought a reality? The stronger the desire the more likely you will get to the destination. When your thought and desire meet and are complementing each other you are on the right track to success. How will you know? There will be a constant idea stuck in your head till the thought puts you into action, writing down the thought and how you wish to get there can help.

2. Plan

Planning is the next step after your amazing thought has met its strong desire the body will put itself to action. Without a plan, we are simply walking in the dark or in circles. Plan so you know how to go about achieving your wishes, plan so you can measure how you are going, and plan so you can apply changes to ensure you meet the final destination. A pilot won’t take off unless they are certain about the weather, amount of fuel, aircraft safety and a flight plan- you should also not take off on your thoughts without checking the plan and ensuring your aircraft has the right amount of fuel and the correct conditions ahead. Despite all the planning sometimes pilots will encounter something out of the normal that will through off their plans, same can happen to you that’s how life works but you should still plan and within the plan know that an X factor can come and overwhelm you but you’re stronger than that!

3. Motivation

So we have the thought, the desire and a plan to get working on now this is where many of the people will start falling behind, they will no longer have any motivation left to put the plan into action. You have heard all this before, ‘oh man it’s so hard, ‘it will take so loooong, ‘I don’t know man, I think I cant do this’ are just a few. Well hear this, life runs on a law of karma, whatever you put out in this universe will return- push out laziness and laziness shall return, push out effort and hard work and results shall return. Life is easy for two types of people, first, babies who are not expected to do much more than poo, drink milk, look cute and sleep. The other is the dead who can be lazy and lay in one place, everyone else is meant to run around and overcome challenges. Without a challenge it’s too easy and that will be too boring, so never wish for it to be easier, instead pick up your motivation game and go head-on!

“Oh, it will take so looong” right let’s fix that mindset. Time has been running its game long before you and I got here, and trust me it will be doing the same long after you and I are gone. Time can not be controlled by you, if something is going to take long, that is because you are impatient, know this, the time will pass anyway! Just because it’s going to take long and you back out does not mean the time miraculously speeds up or slows down, you put your plan to work and allow time to be on your side the more time you allow it the greater the results will be!

‘I dont know man, I think I cant do this’ okay, just ask yourself this- if not you then who? If not now, then when? If not this, then what?

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Reading on…we hope to see you at the Bootcamp and unlock your mind!


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