The 10 Key Study Habits of a Successful Student

In order for an individual to perform well on a particular exam, it is essential for an individual to study the material that the exam covers effectively. However, it can sometimes be difficult for an individual to distinguish between effective studying and ineffective studying. Fortunately, there are ten key study habits that will help an individual make sure that he or she is studying as effectively as possible. 

  1. You should vary the way that you study as much as possible so that you use multiple learning styles and techniques.
  2. Keep all of the materials that you need to study as organized as possible so it is easy to find key information while you are studying. 
  3. Take the time to stop and test yourself on the material that you have learned during the week and determine if you know the material or if you need to review the material further. 
  4. You should review your notes before each class. 
  5. Make sure to organise and review your notes and assignments as soon as possible after your class is over.
  6. Mark any information that you do not understand and find the answers to any questions that you have about the material. 
  7. Make a habit of marking anything that is unfamiliar to you, such as concepts or definitions that are new
  8. Ensure each major task that you need to complete has some sort of reward attached to it.
  9. Stay focused on one task at a time. 
  10. Prioritize each task by its importance and make sure to perform the most important tasks first. 

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